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Need to install more insulation in your Miami, FL, home or business? Look no further than Stuff and Puff Insulation Experts. Our team improves the energy efficiency, comfort and value of homes. And we have the knowledge, experience and resources that few companies can match. Your needs are met with a wide variety of solutions.

Spray Foam

Spray foam insulation is an alternative to traditional fiberglass. It’s applied wet and quickly expands into a thick foam that fits snugly in wall cavities, crevices and gaps. It can be installed in hard-to-reach areas and around piping and wiring.

Spray fiberglass insulation

Fiber Glass Blown

Once blown in, the insulation is installed with a special fabric that allows it to seal any gaps in the space. The process can be done in many areas of your home, from the attic to the basement.

Radiant barrier insulation

Radient Barrier

We work with homeowners as well as builders and contractors to install radiant barriers in homes and commercial buildings, for both retrofit and new construction projects.

rigid foam insulation

Rigid Board

Rigid foam insulation is mainly used for new construction projects, and in our experience, it is a great solution for insulating homes and buildings and maximizing energy efficiency.

Block Foam Injection Insulation

Also called foam-in-place or block foam, injection foam insulation is used to insulate the cavities of masonry walls and foundations, including those made of concrete blocks, bricks and stucco.

Rock Wool insulation

Rockwool Insulation

Made of rocks and minerals spun into small, temperature-resistant fibers, rockwool (or mineral wool) insulation is used for a variety of applications. Typically used as blown-in insulation, it not only is thermally efficient but can also help provide soundproofing benefits.